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Jindal Saw Ltd.



Jindal SAW Ltd. is an integral part of the O.P. Jindal conglomerate, which specializes in the manufacture of Steel Pipes for the Oil and Gas industry and Ductile Iron Pipes for the supply and distribution of Drinking water and transportation of waste water.


In 2004 Jindal Saw started up the integrated Ductile Iron Pipe manufacturing plant in India with annual capacity of 300.000 MT per annum in the range DN 80 – 1000. In the last four years Jindal Saw has expanded its manufacturing capacity and its presence in the international market through establishing additional facility in India’s plant specialized in small diameters by another 250,000 MT per annum and setting up in 2012 a 350,000 MT Ductile Iron Pipe plant in Abu Dhabi in Gulf region for manufacture of DI Pipes in sizes ranging from 250 mm diameter to 2200 mm diameter.


In 2011 Jindal Saw has established Jindal Saw Italia taking over Sertubi Spa, the Italian manufacturer, considered as one of the leading suppliers of ductile iron pipes in Continental Europe and other Export Markets.


Through the integration of the three main establishments Jindal Saw has become a World Class Player in DI pipeline solutions.


Jindal SAW supplies pipes to more than 40 countries including Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa, South America and Europe.