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The ductile iron pipes “ENVIRO” are suitable for conveying all kinds of surface water, domestic effluents and some types of industrial effluents with a pH levels between 4 and 12.


The “ENVIRO” pipes can be buried in most types of soils except mixed soils, containing two or more types of soils, soils containing waste, ash, slag or polluted by wastes or industrial effluents, soils with a pH lower than 6 with a strong acid swab effect.


Furthermore, they are not suitable to be buried in Soils with low resistivity less than the 1.500 ohm*cm if laid above the tier or lower than the 2.500 ohm*cm if laid below the tier.


For these types of characteristics it is recommended to use the “ENVIRO PLUS” range, with reinforced external coating that can be used in all types of soils except those situated below the marine groundwater with resistivity less than 500 Ohm*cm


In these soils as well as in presence of stray currents, it’s recommended to use other types of coatings for soils of higher aggressiveness according to EN 545:2010.



Pressure class in accordance with EN 598.


External coating in zinc (200 g/m2) applied for metallization and synthetic brown-red paint, the end and the internal part of the socket are coated with epoxy paint , all in accordance to the EN 598 and ISO 7186.


The “ENVIRO PLUS” range is characterized by the external coating in zinc- aluminum alloy (400 g/m2) applied by metallization and synthetic brown-red paint, the end and the internal part of the socket are coated with epoxy paint.


Internal lining in aluminum cement mortar in accordance with EN 598 and ISO 4179


Automatic flexible joint in compliance with UNI 9163 or DIN 28603 with NBR elastomer gasket, conforming to EN 681-1.


CE marking





Quick and safe installation thanks to the automatic flexible joint


Fast execution of the installation and possibility of reducing the number of fittings, even in the case of land with irregular elevation course, due to the high angular deviation


Excellent behavior in case of earthquake


Low roughness that determines minimum pressure losses


Resistance to jet cleaning and to the penetration of the roots




DN: nominal diameter


Lu: length in mm


Class: pressure class according to EN598


S: nominal thickness from the ductile iron according to EN598, in mm


DE: nominal external diameter of the pipe according to EN598, in mm


P1: depth of insertion in mm


C: nominal thickness of the internal lining in aluminum cement mortar according to EN 598, in mm


Mass: total mass per pipe and per meter (including internal coating and socket) determined with the nominal thickness, in Kg/m


Marking: trade mark Jindal Saw Italia


Range of fittings


The “ENVIRO” pipes are accompanied by a full range of fittings that meet the following main features




It’s the same as the pipes with extension to the possibility to bury even in soils having high aggressiveness.




Conforming to the standards EN 598 and ISO 7186.


External and internal coating with red epoxy resin having a minimum thickness of 250 microns, so-called heavy epoxy coating according to EN 14901.


Automatic flexible TJ joint conforming to the DIN 28603 with NBR elastomer gasket, conforming to EN 681 – 1 that is flanged joint, fixed or loose depending on the figures, with threads according to EN 1092-2 and ISO 7005-2.




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