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MR System

MR System

Ductile Iron Pipes for Water

The mechanical MRJ (Mechanical Restraint Joint) can be used with ductile iron pipes and fittings manufactured in accordance with the EN545 and EN598 standards with AJ or TJ automatic flexible joint and a collarette on the socket.
Ductile iron pipes have to be Aqua HP or Hydro HP ones.


The MRJ system has a weld bead on the spigot end, a locking ring which abuts the weld bead, a bolted gland to hold the ring in place and a series of hooked bolts.


The surface of the bolted gland is spherical, to ensure that the angular deviations of the AJ and TJ joints can be maintained.


The system can be applied to AJ and TJ socket profiles having a collarette. The restraint system is independent of the leak tightness provided by the AJ or TJ joint.


The MRJ system an alternative to anchor blocks, guaranteeing the stability of pressure pipelines at single points. It is also a suitable solution to anchor sections buried in a steep incline.

* For AJ only
(1) Under development
NOTE: the pipes of this range entirely correspond to the K9 class (Iron wall thickness and PFA values) according to the EN 545:2006 norm; the pressure classes indicated in the table have been identified according to the criteria of correspondence mentioned in the annexe NA of the German version of DIN EN 545:2010.

Range available with AJ and TJ Joint

The MR System is applicable both  on “AQUA PLUS HP” and “HYDRO HP” pipes provided of a weld bead on the spigot end and a collarette on the socket, making use of the MR Kit. Please refer to the Desing Guide for further details


Internal Lining: 

Blast furnace cement mortar to EN545 and ISO 4179.


External Protection: 

400 g/m2 of zinc-aluminium alloy (85Zn-15Al) applied by metallisation followed by a layer of blue synthetic paint to EN545 and ISO 8179.


The weight is approximate.


Lu: standardized length 5.5m and/or 6.0m.