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S003 Kit

S003 KIT

The S003 mechanical restraint joint system can be used on ductile iron pipes and fittings manufactured in accordance with the EN545 and EN598 standards, with both AJ and TJ automatic flexible joint and collerette. The product range extends for the time being from
DN80mm to DN300mm.


The S003 system consists of an elastomer ring with metal inserts, different from the sealing gasket to be installed at the spigot end of the pipe. A locking gland holds the ring in place and it is in itself held in place by two halfflanges installed on the outer edge of the pipe socket.


Locking gland and half-flanges are tied up by a series of galvanised steel bolts coated with synthetic material.


The surface of the locking gland in contact with the rubber ring with moulded-in stainless steel teeth is spherical, to ensure that the AJ and TJ joint angular deviations can be maintained.


The S003 mechanical restraint joint system guarantees the following pressures and angular deviations:

PFA: Admissible operating pressure, without water hammer
PMA: Admissible operating pressure, with water hammer
PEA: Admissible test pressure


The performance levels indicated refer to the use of the kit with AQUAPLUS HP and HYDRO HP pipes.